New Many bugs on Xperia Arc S

Sep 15, 2012
Update of Bugs (on 2.9.14 to 2.9.21 version):
- In most cases the "browser" have force closes. (Testing)
- 3G preferred bug *FIX on 2.9.21 version*
- Force closes in high-demand games or Somewhat poor performance in FPS vs good performance in the stock ROM (Which does not happen in the STOCK ROM) *The game 'Mass Effect 3' have Force Closes in Introduction*
- In the most of games (Example: NOVA 3) said "the device is incompatible with this game" and the Stock ROM not say that. *FIX on 2.9.21 version*
- GPS doesn't work *FIX on XDA Forum*
- The music is heard with less treble and bass (compared with the stock rom), You could leave the sound libraries that come by default (I'm audiophile and hear the difference in them)
- The 720p (mkv) videos are reproduced with difficulty, also the player closes at 2:45 minutes of playback (sometimes can last 30 seconds more) *NEW BUG* with HW acceleration enabled
- I think the performance of the MIUI ROM is a little slower than the STOCK ROM *BUG?*

Sorry for my bad English
I hope you solve all these problems, lucky ;)