New HTC One S (ville) Bugs on 3.4.12 and all v5 ROMs to date

Apr 16, 2013
While myself and others using the One S are glad that MIUI has begun supporting our device again, there are several bugs that are keeping a lot of users from running this on a daily basis.

- Stock Settings force closes whenever you attempt to open it.
- No keyboard included in the full ROM download
- Sending or receiving MMS causes a force close.
- Internal Memory in About Phone not showing correctly
- Change the cell layout type from 4x4 to 4x5 ends up in a Launcher boot loop (restarting phone fixed it)
- Trying to select a trusted virus database ends up in a force close
- Applying a theme causes a launcher bootloop (restarting the phone fixed it)

Other bugs are listed here:

Any ideas on how to fix these bugs would be greatly appreciated by those of us that want to use this as our primary ROM.
Apr 17, 2013
For anyone that would like this version to operate as a daily driver in the meantime, there are some workarounds I can pointout. For mms you can use whatsup app. you can also flash you're favorite keyboard ( I use the Xperia keyboard) . Launcher is a bit choppy but you can install another launcher such as nova or apex. Im loving v5 though, and I use it as a daily I'm sure will see more development as soon as friday

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Feb 15, 2013
Hi guys,
I've just installed 3.5.3 on my HTC One S coming from 2.11.9.
It looks very nice so far, but I've some problem, though, I didn't see reported anywhere.
.) USB connection doesn't show if you want use the phone as an harddrive.
.) I'd like to disable the vibration when the USB cable is connected and when it's disconnected.
.) I'd like to disable the vibration on the launcher setup when you move the icons around.
I couldn't find anything into the setting pages that could toggle the above.

Thank you...