Meizu M9 Port...Htc Evo.


Nov 25, 2010
Believe it or not, I didn't use logcat when doing this. I simply just put the port and the CM rom I used side by side and I pulled what I needed from the CM rom and put it into the Port rom. I didn't write the steps down I took. I know if I get time I can go back and retrace my steps but I lined them up, took what I needed, and if it didn't boot I made changes.

The thing I get confused on is which files need to be moved over from cm into the meizu build. Which ones that need to remain muize files.

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Nov 7, 2010
Why don't u guys take a stable release of miui. For evo. And use that to swap files between evo cause I feel the miui. Would have more barring on m9 then cm cause miui is originally a GSM rom. Like m9 and cm is built for evo so no GSM back end

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Nov 28, 2010
I think it says there is a link for a flashable ZIP. I'm gonna flash this, because I think it's pretty neat. I'll reply again with my opinion, although probably not needed haha. But seriously, great work guys, and if anything is needed, I can try to help in any way possible, I'm all about MIUI, and from now on, Meizu.