Mi 10 HyperOS - SIM Activation problem


Oct 2, 2013
A few days ago, I decided to upgrade MIUI14 to HyperOS (First Install With Data Format).
Everything went well except for SIM card activation due to which I can't sync SMS and phone call history.

When trying to enable SMS sync, I get an error "Failed to activate service. Tap to try again."

I tried logging out of the cloud and logging in again - didn't help
I tried changing the region to China, USA - did not help
I changed the language to English - did not help
I removed the device from the account - did not help
I reinstalled the ROM - didn't help

I checked and the cloud app has all permissions.

On MIUI14, on the same SIM card synchronization with the cloud worked fine.

Please help - thank you.
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