Mi 10 Ultra recognized as 2 different device in Google


Nov 3, 2020
Hi, I have a problem that is not related to the xiaomi.eu Rom, but related to the Mi 10 Ultra device and I would like to know if among the users there are any who would be in the same situation. I have indeed noticed in the management of my Google account that I am connected on 2 devices for the Mi10ultra, one is linked to Chrome, the other is linked to Firefox when I synchronize. I never use Chrome but the device used is detected as being the mi 10 Ultra (main account) with supposedly the first connection in 2019!?! The connection to my Firefox account on the device is linked to an "Android" device. I tried to disconnect everything and reconnect to see if it changes but it stays as it is. My Oneplus 6 has Chrome and Firefox linked to the "same" device since the right year (2018). Do you think this is one of the consequences of the rom as it's not an official build (I have the stable version 12.0.15 xiaomi.eu not rooted)? Or maybe a more serious security problem? thank you


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