(MI 10T) Factory reset flashed phone


May 22, 2024
Hello everyone,

I have a Xiaomi MI 10T (non-Pro version), with MIUI 13.0.5 flashed on it by me, a couple years ago.
The phone still runs strong, but I replaced it and I want to factory reset it...I don't remember what tool I used to flash it, but when I try to factory reset it now, the screen shows a Teamwin logo every few seconds, and if I turn on the phone it behaves like I did not even push the factory reset button in the settings.
How do I reset it now? I don't want to upgrade to a newer MIUI version, just factory reset it
1, log out the Xiaomi account from the device
2, Sign out the Google account from the device
3, reboot into TWRP (recovery)
4, Format Data
5, reboot system
6, done


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I tried, logged out of all accounts, but when I try to boot into twrp, I get the twrp logo flashing on the screen, and it doesn't do anything else
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EDIT: I succesfully did it, after finding a twrp file for this model, the adb and fastboot files for the PC
Thank you gogocar