Mi 10T Pro Refresh Rate on XEU bugged.


Jan 29, 2021
Hello xiaomi eu fellas, I've been using XEU on my MI 10T PRO for a week now and I noticed that the adaptive sync / refresh rate thing is bugged almost everywhere.

I came along having 50hz inthe phones settings, on the chrome browser, in almost every app I use every day at some point it goes under 60 or at 60 for no reason, where on stock I didn't see that happen once.

I don't really know if its a miui 12.5 thing or its really a bug where the adaptive sync goes mad and puts a extremly low refresh rate even in the phones settings/app, but worth creating a topic, maybe a dev will see it and will look into the problem.

My regards, hexr.


Jun 17, 2013
I confirm what you wrote. I flashed the latest version of XEU ROM on the Mi 10t Pro. In almost every application, I notice a slight chopping when scrolling. Google Chrome, Sofascore, Gogle Discover... There are also injured cuts on the stock ROM, but it is less pronounced and does not happen often

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