Mi 10T throttles during sustained load after the Android 12 update


Oct 30, 2022
Hi guys,
I'm using Xiaomi Mi 10T 8/128GB version for almost 2 years and it's a pretty good phone. I bought it because it wasn't throttling under heavy gaming load. I'm not a hardcore mobile gamer but I liked the fact that the phone was offering stable performance in games. Everything was fine before the Android 12 / MIUI 13 update. On MIUI 12.5 Enhanced (Android 11) the performance, in the long run, was great with virtually no throttling (ergo, the same as it was on Android 10).
Since the phone was updated to Android 12 / MIUI 13 I checked the sustained performance with 3DMark Wild Life Stress Test and unfortunately, the stability is around 79%-80% - before the update, it was always over 99%. I can see that on my previous stress tests with 3DMark Wild Life the phone was reaching 47°C and the stability was around 99.6%. Now, the maximum temperature under load is 43-44°C which means that the thermal threshold is set much lower compared to MIUI 12.5. The phone's protective case was removed before the benchmark and my room temperature is always around 23°C.
Some of my friends have the same phone and they run 3DMark Wild Life Stress Test and the results are the same - their phones are throttling as well in the test. I'll provide some pictures of my results and of the results of my friends as well.
This is total BS because that was one of the best features of Mi 10T (Pro) and its hardware is still very capable. Or maybe Xiaomi wants to cripple the performance of the phone and force the users to buy newer devices? We can only hope that Xiaomi can fix this issue soon.


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