Mi 11 flash Global / EE with Xiaomi Tool V2 / MiFlash


Apr 7, 2011
Just wanted to give you some information for flashing the latested Mi Global Firmware.

Xiaomi Tool V2 unlock the phone works perfect for me. Tried it on two devices and never had problems. The easiest way to ounlock.

Xiaomi Tool V2 flashing the Global Firmware or the European Firme gets stucked at the end by flashing super. It gives an error in any case. Tried different devices, different cables, different PCs. Than you are usually stucked in Fastboot.

After that tried Miflash to flash Global or European Firmware. First of all, both the same, no big difference. It runs around 600 seconds and than the device reboots. It is finished but gives on the end an error, kind of not the right device. It reboots, works and hell has Global Firmware a lot of bloadware compare to Xiaomi.eu Rom. The advantage is of course, you will get Ota updates and don't have to care anymore. The disadvantage, it looses Saftynet and therefore, Google Pay and some other Banking Apps won't work with Nfc anymore.

Last flashing Xiaomi.eu through fastboot. Works without problems, the Firmware is 12.5 instead of 12.0 and Saftynet Passed, so everything is fine.

Right now, I would recommend Xiaomi.eu Rom. It is even so nice to boot the first time and don't have all this bloadware, also Google bloadware, in the phone.

Anyone else, tried to flash through Xiaomi Tool or Miflash?