Mi 11 Lite dual-sim signal issues


Oct 25, 2021
I bought a Mi 11 Lite last week and have had issues with one of the simcards.
I'm using a KPN simcard for personal use and a Simyo simcard for business calls. Have been doing this for a year, worked fine on my previous phone (last one was a Xiaomi Note 9, which I sadly drowned in the bathtub...)
KPN and Simyo are known to use the exact same network (KPN is "network owner", Simyo a cheaper "sister" brand)
Since the start I have signal problems with the KPN simcard (bad reception, I can hear the other person just fine, but they can hardly hear me, lots of crackling and noise) but the Simyo simcard is working perfectly fine.
I have tried:
- A brand new KPN simcard
- Switching slots
- Resetting, updating
No change...
Any ideas?