Mi 11 Pro - Help update :)


Oct 12, 2021
Hi all,

I have a Mi 11 Pro, with MIUI 12.5 /V12.5.12.0.RKACNXM with android 11 RKQ1.201112.002.

The version o TWPR i have installed is 3.5.1-10.0.

Now i would like to update to a ROM MIUI 13 stable (i have downloaded the ROM)

My question is, do i need to update my TWPR version, to install the new ROM? And how do i update the TWPR. (my phone was bought on TradingSh**** and it came like this, with the Xiaomi.Eu Rom, that without a doubt, is the best ROM i have had on all my phones, much better than the stock ROMS, on Oneplus, Samsung, etc, until this day never had an app with an error, or a bug, everthing works perfect.

Sorry for my questions, i´m complete noob on this maters, i have search on the forum, but i couldn´t find the answer.

If anyone could help me, i would really appreciate it.