Mi 11 pro keeps crashing


Jun 18, 2022

im writing this because im kind of frustrated at this point.

I had a Mi 9t for roughly two and half years, switched to lineageos because my battery kept getting drained fast after an MIUI Update, had no significant Problems for the remaining two years.
Last week i dropped the Mi 9t and the Display got destroyed.
Then i thought it was time for a new phone and after some research i decided on the Mi 11 Pro (with Stock China ROM, 16 days delivery from China to Germany through a reseller).
Soon after purchasing, the reseller contacted me and offered me the exact model from a canceled order (the device was already in Germany, and had the EU ROM preinstalled).
I said yes.
It got delivered on Tuesday this week.

Soon after doing the initial configuration and installing all my apps it crashed the first time.
Tuesday and Wednesday added together it crashed about 7 times.
Wednesday evening i reflashed the stable release (the version that was already installed by the reseller) through the "fastboot_update_rom" script.
Because it still kept crashing after that, i flashed weekly 22.6.15 through the "fastboot_update_rom" script on Thurday evening.
So today (friday) was the first day i was happily using it the whole day and i noticed that with the weekly version everything also felt way smoother (Animations, etc.) , until it crashed again this evening.

The "crash" manifests itself as follows:
1. An app does not respond to touch input.
2. Trying to swipe it away, or go back makes parts of the app go blank.
3. Soon after that i get the boot screen with the MI Logo.
4. After the boot screen i get prompted for my screenlock-pin. (not the SIM-pin, like after a normal reboot)
5. The phone works normal for about 15 seconds and it begins crashing again.

Only after restarting manually the phone is back to normal.

Now to my question(s):
Is it just the EU Rom / Version that is unstable, or could this be a hardware defect?
Should i try to provide Logs for this? (Crash is not intentionally reproducable)
Should i try to get a replacement device / get my money back?

Thank you in advance
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If you have xiaomieu rom installed, the best solution is to download the stable xiaomieu version. Factory reset your phone (you will lose all data) then boot the phone in fastboot mode and install xiaomieu via windows_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format

this is a clean rom installation.

I have this rom version and it works great. No reboots.
A clean installation will help you assess whether the phone is fully functional.