MI 11 Ultra - MIUI14/A13 - after installation of stable ROM - "Insert SD Card before using camera"


Oct 11, 2021
After updating to latest ROM (xiaomi.eu_multi_MI11Pro_MI11Ultra_V14.0.6.0.TKACNXM...) there are a number of bugs:
- camera: cannot use it even though all permissions are given, it appears a message "Insert SD card before using camera".
- internal Backup and restore option does not work, when I go into Mobile Device or Computer and want to copy the full data the news screen "Back up" appears saying "0% Just a sec...." and all items (Contact to Files) are all saying "Waiting" and it stays there ... but it does NOT backup
I deeply regret having made this update.... If somebody could tell me HOW TO GET BACK TO THE PREVIOUS ROM (MIUI13 / a12) which had to be installed by fastboot, as i basically cannot use my device which I mainly use for photo / video...
i still have the previous ZIP-file on my device, which is strange, given that the update process DID NOT keep my data from previous ROM.
This is the previous ROM: xiaomi.eu_multi_MI11Pro_Mi11Ultra_V13.0.13.0.SKACNXM...
I tried to find eventual other posts with same problems, but either there aren't or my search keywords were not correct, sorry in this case.
Anyway, I will be extremely grateful for any usefull advice.
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