Mi 11 (Venus) Sudden Display Death


Jul 17, 2016
Hi guys, I know there is probably not much hope, but maybe someone has an idea.

My sons Venus device experienced a black screen out of nowhere today and since then it won't ever turn on (the screen)

The motherboard seems fine, there is no physical damage, the phone starts and I could also flash the rom once more on top.

I detached the battery but still nothing, I didn't yet fully dismantle the device but it seems the display and the digitizer just stopped their function :(

So I wonder if anyone had a similar issue and found a solution which doesn't involve Display replacement?

Also after reboot blindly entering the pin seems not working, so the input is not giving any feedback which points to the digitizer.

I also doubt the display is really broken as he was just on YouTube while it happens, the sound was still playing...

Are there known issues like loose connectors as the one on poco F3? (Not charging issue)

Thx and regards for your kind assistance in advance!

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@Karpfenhai Perhaps some part that is related to the functionality of the display has become defective due to overheating, for example a flex cable or something similar. It was only recently reported that some users, for example, had a defective WiFi chip due to overheating. But I think that can only be determined by someone who is familiar with these electronic parts/connectors.
Okay guys, the moment of truth has come,

I dismantled the device fully and the main display connector was no longer attached to the Mainboard, Yazee!

So like the poco f3, there could be an issue with connector becomes loose over time, I attached 2 layer of tape before screwing back the metal bar supposed to hold the connector in place, issue solved!


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