Mi 8 4G+ Band Aggregation


Jan 4, 2019
No solution to bring the bandwidth aggregation of the global stable into xiaomi.eu? With the mi8pro and the global stable, operator H3G Italia, I have the 4g + but with the xiaomi.eu no.


Dec 2, 2017
it does not perform any better than the hotspots on my previous generation Xiaomi phones Mix1 and Mi Note 2, which I know only support intra-band CA.
Yes, I have also a Mix1 and a Note 2, and they both get at best 4G+ with typically 2*band3.

I don't have any newer Xiaomi phone, but I do have a Razer Phone1 with SD 835.
It gets regularly 3CC with typically band3+band7+ band20.

However, the practical download speed is only marginally better with the Razer Phone than with the Mix1 and Note2.

So I don't see any real reason to pursue this further now, but possibly when choosing a new phone in the future, yes.