New Mi 9 bugs in build 20.5.7


Jul 29, 2019
I want to share some bugs I have found so far in the latest 20.5.7 build installed on my Mi 9:

- If I not have apps installed on the phone (just system apps), if I open the Individual section of the dark theme settings, the settings app crashes with an array out of bound exception (-1 index).

- The Google Discover page on the -1 screen is laggy since multiple builds, so please do something for this if it is possible.

- The adjust notch shape setting doesn't work, if I disable it, it'ss reenabled automaticcaly (even if I don't use this feature).

- There are some problems with the permissions for installed apps. For example to get RCS in the Google messages app, I had to install it as a system app, else it says that my phone is not compatible with this feature.

- I can't find the new fake Id for apps settings.

- Sometimes when I open an app or switching from one to another, the gestures except the back gesture don't work.

- When I enable the automatic switch between dark and light themes, if my phone is locked, it is laggy until I unlock it.

Thank you for your hard work team, there are far fewer bugs than in the 20.4.30 build. :)
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