MI Backup: resets settings after each backup (Max 3, EU stable)


Mar 19, 2020
After I backup via Settings > My Device > Backup and Restore > Mobile device > Backup up, the phone reverts back to the System Launcher (from Microsoft Launcher) and changes some of my defaults (Google Messages, browser, format of battery icon in the status bar, etc.).

I could understand it if I were doing a RESTORE, but this is after it successfully completes a BACKUP into the AllBackup folder. This state even survives a reboot.

So I have to set my default launcher back to MS Launcher, set default SMS to Google Messages, etc. from the default MIUI 12 system apps when I get up the next day. It also removes my settings of what a double-press of power button does (i.e. turn on torch).

Any ideas on how to stop this change of settings after each BACKUP?
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