MI Band 4/5 and MI 10 Ultra with latest Stable V12.1.1.0.RJJCNXM - No notification when call


Mar 3, 2021
Hello everyone.

I have the MI 10 Ultra for a while now and I'm quite happy with it but since the latest update to the stable V12.1.1.0.RJJCNXM, my MI band 4 does not want me to notify any more (vibration) if someone is calling.
I tried everything, like resetting the band, resetting/reinstall the MI FIT app & enabling access for the APP for everything, but nothing works. Every time i disable and enable the function in the app, there is a notification telling me to "upgrade to the latest version if MIUI in order to receive notifications for incoming calls". Interestingly, whatsapp, sms and other notifications work fine...

I even got myself a Mi Band 5 just to test this, but same issue, so it's not the band itself, it must be something with the software.

Any idea?