Mi Home 1080p security camera no sound transfer from app to camera


Jan 29, 2019

I've just installed an IMI 1080p securty camera. It works ok but if I want to speak to the camera via the Mi Home app nothing happens. The speaker should be ok as I can hear the camera speaking when I plug it in. Does anyone know what can be the problem? I can hear everyhting that is going on around the camere.
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Fido Dido

Aug 5, 2019
I have same issue on Xiaomi mijia IP camera 360. First I can communicate through camera speaker. A few month later, I can't speak through speaker anymore. I still can view and hear all the sounds through mobile app.
I resolved the issue after uninstalled (clear catch) and reinstalled the mobile app.
Some people said it can happen depends on difference mobile model and type.
I am currently using Samsung S7.
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