Mi Mix 2s ded. any ideas on how to fix it/recover data?


Jul 20, 2021
Hey guys.
so this originally happend like a year ago. Before i went to bed I plugged in my Mi Mix 2s and when i woke up the screen was just black and nothing happend. If i recall correctlyit used to be stuck in a bootloop and neither fastboot nor recovery mode helped.
Just found it again and was wondering if I could fix it. When i was holding the power burtton the white LED was blinking but nothing else happend. I read that unplugging and reconnecting the battery might help but nothing changed. I tried reconnecting the battery again and suddendly when i tried to fastboot it actually went into fastboot mode but froze while doing it. So I waited a few minutes and after nothing happend i tried turning it off which didnt worked aswell so i unplugged the battery again.
After that I waited a few seconds, plugged the battery aswell as the charger back in and it showed the "Mi" screen but after a couple of minutes nothing else happend so i tried entering recovery mode which made the screen turn black and now nothing happens. No LED flashing, screen just stays black, replugging battery or charger doesnt do anything too.
I'll just assume its kinda dead now so unless someone has any other idea on how to fix it I would like to know if its possible to manually recover the data from it.
thanks in advance