Mi Note //noise When You Record A Video.

Jan 1, 2016
Well guys ... Well as happened in the Mi3 vs E4 (or so I read), in my Xiaomi note background beep is heard when recording video and not much ambient noise tape that beep.
Some people say it's because the rom and I thought it was well until yesterday I found the problem.
I have two Mi Note and both feels the same .... I wish they probaseis in yours to see if you also happens ..
With the phone on, but with the screen off and in a room in complete silence, put your ear right on the speaker phone (next to the micro USB) and give the power button and the screen lights up and see if you listen to zone speaker beep (a sound like electrical interference same / similar to that heard in the background in the video).
Well .... on this phone the speaker is on the same site as the micro and where that noise is heard when being lit screen, which makes the microphone pick out the background noise and in videos.
I tried to change the audio source of the camera settings and the noise disappears whether the option to use as front focus back focus .... but if we choose the normal focus mode audio, collects more sound background and the beep is heard.
The problem is if you can not solve with a rom ..... I do not think they can remove that electrical interference or whatever ....
But what if you can do is put a focus mode audio quality and use as little as possible the microphone that is attached to the speaker because the focus modes front or rear audio do not give a good quality to my way of ...
Please, I ask you to prove to your mobile and comenteis and see if it reaches somewhere and solve ...
Thanks greetings

Sorry for my English...i need help with google translate
Jul 11, 2011
I have a Mi Note Pro. I don't have this problem with sMiui and xiaomi.eu's Rom
Try changing the rom
Strange... you sure you don't here any noise/hiss if you bring the speaker close to your ear, without playing any music? The OP has basically explained it pretty well, although he probably used google translate.
Jul 11, 2011
I hear a noise at a very low volume, but that noise is normal with speakers.
This noise, I repeat, is very very low
Same for me... the thing is that if you go to a quiet place and record a video, that same very very low sound interfere with the mic and creates a hissing sound when you play that video on your PC for example. If you have the camera button sound turned on as well, the sound (the little sound that plays when you press the record button / can be changed in video camera settings) is even more present for the first 4-5 seconds.

You basically cannot notice it if you record a video in a loud environment, but when in a quiet room, it's definitely present.

Another way to check that is go to a quiet room again, start recording a video and change the audio focus settings during the recording. You will notice that the noise changes when the focus is different.

Try that out and see if you have the same thing I'm talking about.


Sep 19, 2011
I'm EXPERIENCING the same problem! Using Any ROM (Global Stable, China DEV, MultiRom, EU Rom) its the same.
Anyone found some solution??