Sep 3, 2011
Is there any body who is already bought that device and which seller.

I want buy that device but I'm not sure that it will start selling at October.
(Cheaper Seller) Aliexpress.com : http://bit.ly/p6vOVH
not cheapest he increase price when i ask to pre order device. ~400$
it's not price for that device for 430-450$ I can buy HTC EVO 3D (((

Price for that thing abou 320-350$ max

And second thing all sellers can't say the exactly date of starting shipping and will thay get enough quality to send all preoreders
How I cant find way to buy that device or even preorder at official site.
Can anybody get information from first hand ... or order me one that device as developer terms or regular.
They've stopped pre orders due to a high demand. Most likely we can get it once they've settled the orders of the first batch of pre orders.luckily we will see it on November or December and we can order online.i've read that we can only buy this online.