mi11 focus


Jul 14, 2019
Hey! Has anybody encountered issues with mi11 main camera not focusing longer that about 40cm? It doesn't focus far even with pro mode focus slider set to infinity. only way to get it to focus is with autofocus, tapping the screen to start autofocus and then tapping the phone body to force the camera to move, this way it sometimes gets the focus close to what it should be, but I'm afraid that it will damage the sensor even more if it's damaged. and certainly not very usable.

Last time the focus worked normaly was around mid june and not changed ever since with software updates, I'm currently running eu 12.6 21.9.1 Beta. The issue is only on the main sensor, and is persist in all modes, photo, video, scanner etc. (disabling and enabling video stabilisation doesn't do anything to the issue) For now I have tried wiping (official) camera app cache, data. No difference, *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* has same issue. I have lastly tried factory resetting the device without, and with wiping all data, no change.

I have treid the extended cit menu camera calibration, with multiple "calibration" pictures (does anybody know which I need to use for it) and it fails every time. If anyone could come up with suggestion that I could try, or any similar issue, comment below, I'm considering it now more and more a hardware failure. I have dropped the phone couple of times but can't remember dropping it around thath time it started having the issue.


another off topic is the dual led flash, only the bottom led turns on, and this has been always like that, so Could I have received faulty unit?


Nov 29, 2021
I have the same problem. Any fix for that? Or is a hardware fail? I had to shake my phone until far object are focus