MI2 battery ran out and now phone is dead

Jan 4, 2013
My phone battery ran out during night (Forgot to charge it) and at the morning I plugged it to the charger.
the led started blinking periodically, then at some stage it sort of "booted" and showed an 0% battery on screen.
at this stage I tried to turn it on ( i thought it has enough power ) and then, the led stopped blinking.
it seems that its not charging..at all...its been over an hour.
i tried replugging it to the charger, taking the batt. out, nothing seem to help.
Can anyone suggest how to revive it?
Jun 12, 2013
Sometimes it takes a while of charging before the phone wakes up again. Had tablets that've takes several hours to charge enough to start again. Just have a bit of patience.
Mar 1, 2013
Happened to me before too. When the phone is below a certain charge level it fully disables itself until a certain charge level is achieved.

That's fully normal, give it half a day on the charger, should it remain unfunctional at that point then panic.

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Sep 9, 2012
the only solution I have found is to connect the phone to the PC.
I left it connected to wall charger for almost 4 hours, but no led began to blink. as soon as I connected to my PC, the led started blinking red and a after few minutes the charge was raising from 0%. when it was 5%, I plugged the phone to the wall charger and it charged til 100% with no faults.
Mar 26, 2011
i have got this too.
the way i fix it is to take the battery out and put the charger in after a minute or so. you should get the MI and then red led blinks. Put the battery in and leave it for 20-30 mins. You will then get enough to boot up and charge normally. Careful, the metal edges that connect to the back have a small current, so avoid touching it.