New MI2S cannot connect to wifi WPA/WPA2

Mar 23, 2012
hi all,

i have problems connecting to wifi with wpa/wpa2 security even though i have the password. it keeps obtaining for ip address. im running on dual boots.
in both rom i cannot connect to the wifi. i have tried single boot with both systems and no problem connecting to the wifi with wpa/wpa2 security. the only problem is when i change to dual boot

device : xiaomi mi2s
system 1 : cyanogenmod 11-20140725-NIGHTLY-aries
system 2 : WIUI-4.7.18
android ver : 4.4.4 kitkat (both system)

are there any flash zip to fix this?

Feb 20, 2013
I've always had WiFi problems with my mi2,I never really proper fixed it (still using mi2 now).
I am not entirely sure, it's not the router to blame despite no other phone having any problems...
Feb 20, 2013
I have mi2 using 4.81.1 jb wiui
My other half used to use a mi2s weekly rom from this site and she had the problem quite bad. We both use WiFi fixer app which may have improved things.
I read somewhere tho that the router may need tweaking, I did and it certainly helped.
I'll look for the article today.

She has an iPhone now (sorry! ) and has no problems with WiFi.