[mi2s] Fail Backup Restore After V6 Fastboot Flash

Aug 28, 2015
Hi all guy, here my nasty situation: i was on MIUI 4.9.19 (V5), never done weekly updates, so I decided to flash the last stable ROM by fastboot and make a clean installation (flash_all.bat), downloaded V6.6.1.0.LXAMICF (MIUI6), after make a backup by phone app (and copied the entire folder in my pc hard disk), I flashed the new Rom executing flash_all script. Now if i try to restore my backup, (using the folder moved to pc) obtain an error "this backup contain error". I realized that storage are merged and I think this can affect the backup/restore procedure.
So I'm a goner? Or have I any hope of restoring my backup? Thank you so much in advance

Sorry you can ignore this post, I noticed my last backup is corrupted, i was able to restore a july one… Thanks
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