Mi3 Suddenly Stopped working

Mar 13, 2014
i bought my mi3 about a month ago., i am not an intensive user but i use the Phone mostly for messaging and sometimes a game.

while yesterday i was messaging a colleague, i left the Phone in my room and got back 10 minutes later.

Now comes the weird part: the battery had about 88% life left when i left it, i got back and the Phone was turned of. tried to boot it hard reset by pressing power button 10 seconds, recovery mode, fast boot.

none of the above worked. i also put the Phone on a charger (Phone should give a status led of charging) it did not charge, tried diffrent cable's and chargers (did not work as well)

I connected it to my PC and there was no connectivity to the Phone at all (also tried diffrent cables).

now i contacted the site where i bought it and they told me to send it back to china.

if any of you have an idea to maybe fix this please tell me i don't want to wait another 3 weeks for it to be repaired