MI3 weak signal

Mar 31, 2013
Just got my MI3 64GB WCDMA. This phone is awesome! The two things I can complaint are the BAD CAMERA RESULT (especiallly in low light) and WEAK SIGNAL.

The weak signal is annoying me the most. While my other phone (Galaxy S4) and my friend HTC One got a full bar, my MI3 usually only get 2 bars of signal. This is not what I expected :(
Did you guys have a same problem??

Maybe It's just a matter of a modem.. anyone have a flashable modem for MI3 to try?
Sep 23, 2012
Don't worry about signal bar! What about calls? If calls are OK I mean no clipping in sound then you don't need to worry!

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Mar 31, 2013
I really don't want to worry but the problem is in a weak signal area, while other phone still get 2 bars my MI3 didn't get any signal!
The calls quality is fine as long as I can get the signal.
Mar 4, 2014
for the camera you will have to change the ISO cause its pretty low at default!
Go to settings in camera app -> advanced functions -> turn off simple mode -> go back to the camera
and press the option button -> search for a speedometer like icon and klick it -> turn off the "Selcet ISO" -> drag the slider to 800
if this is still too bad try with even more ISO