Mi3w Reception Issues

Sep 12, 2015
Not related to the ROM. Is anybody here in UK having issues with 3g H+ internet speed/reception (mi3w). I had the issue always for about two years now. I get no internet or very slow internet where somebody else on the same network get better speeds. I also get no reception on 2g in places where reception is only low. I tried checking the bands and couldn't pinpoint anything. I use the virgon network currently. Maybe there is a way to update files related to band support I dont know. I tried researching into it and there seems to be no apps that tell you what bands your phone support. Just tells what bands are you using currently. Could someone point me toward the right direction as I feel I am quite able to follow this kind of technical stuff just need the right direction! Thanks.

Edit: I suspect that my hardware supports all necessary bands but somewhere the software needs updating, but possibly outside the main ROM. Some kind of radio files?