Xiaomi CPE 5G Pro


May 27, 2024
I got a router Xiaomi 5g cpe pro: https://www.mi.com/global/product/xiaomi-5g-cpe-pro/
I use the latest firmware etc.

And I have an issue with it: when enabled / restarted it usually connects to 3 different bands and is providing a good speed and latency of mobile internet. In a day or so it only connects to a single band and internet speeds are much worse. Restart fixes it for another day.

In the web console I cannot either configure the bands to connect to or a scheduled restart.

And when I try to add it to MiWiFi app, it says router is not supported, go to mi home.
When I try to add it to mi home, it fails as well: Pairing failed.

Can I get some help? I want it to work great... Thank you!
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