Mi4c 6.1.21 To 6.1.28

Jan 24, 2016
Same for me. I guess this kind of things are expected to happen with the weekly ?

Newbie question :

My Mi4c bought two months ago came with xiaomi.eu weekly ROM. I only used the Updater app for weekly updates, everything was fine until 6.1.14 which was terrible ( huge battery drain, mobile data and wi-fi problems... ).

6.1.21 did improve, but still there are mobile data and wi-fi problems, battery is also bad.

I now want to roll back to a stable version before 6.1.14, I will try with 6.1.7.

Since I already have xiaomi.eu with TWRP, is it as simple as downloading the ROM, rebooting in recovery, and installing the ROM via TWRP ?

Do I have to wipe anything ?

Jan 24, 2016
When starting the updater app for the first time after rebooting, it checks for updates and shows "no connection", but after that it shows "no updates available".

Just now in the updater app, I went to the top right menu ( three dots buton ), and there was the option "download update".

I did tap that and it downloaded "miui_libra_mam_global_6.1.21_b030a07895_5.1.zip" in the /storage/emulated/0/downloaded_rom folder ???

Aren't the xiaomi.eu ROM's named "xiaomi.eu_multi... " ?
Feb 20, 2016
Hi guys,

have you resolved this this thing?
I have the same probem, I want to upgrade my Rom through OTA, but it's available the upgrade yet.