New Mi4c Carrier Name


Jan 17, 2016
After registering on the mobile network, the phone is supposed to show the carrier name received from the network, not the original one that is known from MCC/MNC database or sim, with the country code.

For example, when I register on the network "RO ORANGE", the phone displays the name that the network is broadcasting "orange" only for a fraction of second, then "RO ORANGE" again. On any other phone, the carrier is shown as "orange".

I think this problem is related with the ROM (weekly/stable its the same, and possible only on Mi4c, because other phones running ROMs like RN2/RN3 are displaying the carrier name correctly), on the original ROM I didnt experienced this issue.
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Apr 19, 2014
I confirm this problem on my Mi4c running beta Roms
In France the "Free Mobile" network is using only for 2G/3G a lot of antennas from the network of "Orange", with a roaming agreement between thes 2 operators.
With other phones, even with other Xiaomi phones, the displayed network is "Free" or "Orange" depending on the antenna in my area..
But on my Mi4c, Free is always displayed, despite I am connected on a "Orange" antenna.
I didn't noticed this problem on my previous Mi4I running beta Roms, and now Global official xiaomi beta or stable Roms.