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Discussion in 'Xiaomi Mi4S' started by Zlaja, Dec 29, 2016.

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    I have purchased Mi4s from Honorby web site 6 months ago in Croatia. I got it installed with MIUI by xiaomi.eu 7.2Stabil and i have a few questions.
    -do I have unlocked botloader because it is installed this rom?
    -how to check if the locked botloader or not?
    -how to update to MIUI V8?
    -do I get the official update of Nougat if xiaomi send OTA or have to manual over TWRP and xiaomi.eu Rom

    Thanks for the help, any information is welcome!
  2. Zlaja

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    Please, somebady...
    Is it posibol to simply update with updater app if I already have instaled Xiaomi.eu rom?
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    The same question @@
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    You can try to install the recovery by my flash from this tutorial. If you let it is that it is unlocked, and from the you can update the ROMs. But if you want to put miui 8 first you have to update the recovery

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