Mi5s Disable Encryption

Nov 28, 2016
First I want to say hello to everyone, I'm new here...
I read a guide that suggested to format data in twrp to decrypt the mi5s , the problem is that I'm scared about not being able to copy the rom I have to flash after twrp has deleted everything. They say that the pc should find the mi5s and you should be able to copy the rom without problems , but yesterday I tried and while in twrp I could not. They also say that this is due to the fact that the phone is still encrypted and that there souldn't be problems after I do that.
So, I'm asking if anyone has tried and can confirm that after a format data you can still copy zips to internal storage in twrp and if there is an advantage in disabling encryption. Also, after you format data, do you still have the rom installed or there is nothing to boot?
Thanks for your answers :)
One last thing : currently I'm on miui eu stable
Jan 21, 2016
After you format providing you have proper driver's installed and reboot recovery you should be able to copy files from pc. If you do the format you have to reboot recovery before you can copy files over, told you twice to be sure