Mi5s Plus - Boot Loop Without Reason

Jun 7, 2018
Hello guys!

When i came back in my room, i found my phone (mi5s plus) in a continuous boot loop of the "MI" logo (first logo at power up, as you can see in the image), without having done anything before (a normal use, no installation or other, nothing at all).
I can't do anything, only a fastboot for 2 seconds before it reboots.

The Rom i have installed is the last of xiaomi.eu, the 8.4.26_v9-7.0.

what should I do?

Thank you very much, i'm desperate...


Dec 1, 2015
That happened also to me many time ago.
Flash an official fastboot (developer, as it seems you are using developer) ROM using MiFlash and then install your preferred ROM.

BTW, it seems that official download pages are down for maintenance.
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Jun 7, 2018
Thank you for the answer!

Unfortunately it is impossible for me to access the fastboot mode: the phone goes into bootloop, as if you always kept the power button pressed (the power button is ok, i checked it).

I have already started the warranty process, hoping for the honesty of the online store where i bought it ...