Miband 6


May 10, 2020
Hi to all I had bought some days before a miband 6 I have a problem and I don't know if it is faulty, or is a firmware bug.
When I measure heart rate and I am sitting it measures correctly, I compare it with a oxymeter.
When I am on exercise ( walking ) heart rate goes very high 160 -170-180 -190 this is imposible, my max heart rate is 152.
So the same moment I took with me the oxymeter and I compare with the band the same time, the real herart rate was 120 instead of 170.
what you think, miband 6 might be faulty or perhaps a firmware bug, is there anyone with miband 6 to help me if he has the same problem?
So all the data as calories burnt, is incorect due to wrong pulse measurement
Thanks in advance.