Microphone stops working (randomly, haven't found a pattern yet)


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Nov 7, 2010

A friend (after 11.12, never before) started noticing that people could not hear him during calls, but a reboot would fix that (he was not pressing the mute button).

I told him that i had never seen that problem, nor reports about it.

Today, it happened to me, and i also tried the dictate function in swype, or the voice search app, and my phone did not register any sound.

I tried also with a bluetooth handsfree, same result. Wired handsfree, idem.

I am trying to find a way to fix it without a reboot, but havent been able to.
I have the same issue with stable 12.5 and mi 9 lite. Microphone stops working after a while, only restart fixes it. There's no sound coming through when i'm calling or recording voice on discord, whatsapp, and so on