Mijia mop3 B106CN problem


Apr 2, 2024
Hello everyone. Recently, I noticed that the vacuum cleaner started moving back and forth along the same line during cleaning. I reset the settings, deleted the map, removed the device, reinstalled the application, cleaned the central wheel, rebuilt the map (there were no problems with map building), and started cleaning. After the vacuum cleaner passed along the boundaries of the room, it began to attempt to clean the remaining space. But after it traveled about 1 meter, it turned around and went back to the starting point. After that, it tried to go back to the center of the room again, but again, after ~1 meter, it returned back, and so on, repeatedly. In general, the vacuum cleaner has no problems with map building or cleaning the room around the perimeter, but as soon as it starts cleaning the rest of the area, it falls into an endless cycle of moving back and forth. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?

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