MiRecovery always stuck at 90-98%

Jan 29, 2014
i wonder why everytime i try to wipe something from mirecovery i always got stuck at 90-98%..
when its stuck i force shut down the device, reboot the device and the wipe is actually completed..

and when i try to flash the ROM from mirecovery using update.zip (which is the ROM package that i downloaded from en.miui.com and rename it to update.zip) also gives me error that says file corrupted(im 100% sure that the file is not corrupted, because it works fine when i flash it using updater) and i force shut down the device again. and do a normal reboot, and the ROM is actually flashed successfully. i can get in to phone.

can someone explain to me what causes this?
how long does it take for wiping process to complete? i have waited for 15mins.. i believe 15mins is long enough to wipe or install something..
im sorry, im not a good story teller.. please try to understand my story.. ;)


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Aug 20, 2011
I don't know exact reason but im very wondering what for are you doing this?
I mean:

You buy fresh MI3 with stable chinese, then install miuiandroid multi rom from Updater without wipe. Done. No wipes needed.
You really want wipe? Go to Settings >Backup and restore and just do factory reset from there. Reboot. Done.
You want chinese rom back? No problem, factory reset, install rom from Updater. Done.

Why recovery? Also wipe from recovery in MI3 deletes usb storage memory.

Oh and remember that you want to install miuiandroid multi rom OR en.miui.com version. You cant switch roms with every update, and also DO NOT install OTA (partial small around 40MB .zip packages) from miui.com if you have miuiandroid multilang.
Jan 29, 2014
im just curious about that :D
and thank you for the alternative to wipe the phone. never thought about that before. i never use factory reset and always use CWM to wipe my older phone before :p