Missing recent pictures


Mar 12, 2019
Hi everyone,

Since the update to Android 10 I can't find on Messenger / Telegram / etc. the recent pictures.

Step by step :
- Open Messenger, open a chat
- Click on the "share picture" button
- Only recent pictures from the Camera / Screenshot / ... folders will be visible
- Pictures from not so common forlder like "Imgur, Download, Telegram, Facebook" etc.. won't appear.

Still, I can send them by going directly to "Browse" and looking for them.

Is anyone else has this problem ?
Does anyone has a fix on that ?

Maybe it doesn't come from xiaomi.eu rom

Thank you and have a great monday !

Seems like it's the scooped storage features of Android 10.. Don't know if there will be a way to disable it on our MIUI roms.
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