MIUI 1.11.18 update fail


Nov 16, 2011
Hi guys, I've recently installed MIUI 1.11.11, and this friday there was an 1.11.18 update listed in the updater app which was already included.. I opened it, did a backup with the app and after that I downloaded the latest release and pushed UPDATE after that, and it went into reboot, then phone rebooted, I got into GALAXY S GT-I9000 screen, shortly after I got GALAXY S Cyanogen(mod) screen and shortly after that it went loading something for a quick second, then just rebooted, and then the phone started normally, I thought that was it, but when it loaded to the lockscreen I checked the version and it was still 1.11.11, so clearly something went wrong.. I did that several times after, but I get the same result everytime..

Looks to me like bootloops.. Bootloops gave me some problems while installing 1.11.11 in the first place, was stuck in bootloops in the middle of the installation of the rom until I pressed the three buttons to go into recovery mode and selected install .zip once again.. then it went through without a problem. Also I had no other problems with this rom so far..

So if anyone knows what could be wrong here, or what I could be doing wrong, so I can update I would really appreciate your help..


I recorded my screen. Recording has everything I did, nothing more nothing less, only after I stopped recording I pushed UPDATE in the updater as it clearly can't record screen while phone is rebooting.. Check it, I hope it helps with the problem

only seeing the update screen for such a small moment, I would suspect there's something wrong in the update process or recovery for your phone.

the best option for you would be to copy the Clockwork files to your phone again and download the rom manualy (using your computer).
make it a new install of your phone without the factory reset part. thi way you manualy override all the automated processes that update your phone. the functions and processes should be reïnstalled with the update (just like deleting a system app with root uninstaller, they apear again after updating).

not working. consider a factory reset since your previous update could have messed up the system.