MIUI 1.4.29 English Pack #1b out (Change log)


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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in fixing some obvious issues with the pack e.g. Chinese in Accounts & Sync Settings.

<strong>Change log for 1.4.29 EN Pack 1b</strong>
<li>Fixed issue in Phone layout when receiving a incoming call</li>
<li>Fixed Chinese text in Accounts &amp; Sync Settings</li>
<li>Added 64m dalvik VM for Nexus One, thanks to all in the forums who pointed this out.</li>
<li>Fixed Typographical errors in multiple apks and make string improvements to the following APKs:</li>
<blockquote>AccountAndSyncSettings.apk, Contacts.apk, Gallery.apk, Launcher2.apk, MiuiMusic.apk, Mms.apk, MiuiCamera.apk, Phone.apk and Settings.apk</blockquote>
Downloads available via our community donated packs.miuiandroid.com file mirror service. Thanks to everyone for donating space for this.