New [MIUI STABLE] MI 10 "Color inversion" bug (can't unlock)


Oct 22, 2020

there is a huge bug if you use the "Color inversion" mode under "additional settings -> Accessibility -> Color inversion".
Well what I did:
I inverted the colors and locked the screen. After locking the screen if I try to turn it on it just shows me a white screen and I can't do anything.
I can't unlock the phone or see anything. It repeats going white and black screen. I was almost factory resetting the phone and somehow i accidentally
saw how to save my phone. I repeatedly pressed the power button and somehow I saw that the phones lives because i could see the background going dark and bright (between white and blackscreen) so when it was whitescreen I tried to find the lockscreen and unlocked it blind and there I could use it normally like it was "colors inverted".

Please fix this I almost had to factory reset. And if someone has this issue too here is the solution.