mi 10

  1. M

    Mi 10 factory resetted itself

    Hi, i have a problem with my xiaomi mi 10 phone. It has a latest xiaomi.eu MIUI 14.0.3 rom, it was working with no issues, but today when i wanted to use the phone, it didn't want to power on. After about 1,5 minutes the phone booted up but i saw a factory reset percentage bar. When the phone...
  2. C

    Invalid Umi mi 10 5g

    ⚠️ please someone HELP me .. Insta mese others camera apps work just fine But I CANT make stock camera app work ( Video , night ,pro etc wotk fine only if i push "picture" to take photo do that ) after 2 updateds still not working and i love the stock camera app
  3. R

    Xiaomi Camera Blurred

    Hello, On my Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra my camera (main) have blurred image all the time. i tried to change app, install firmware again(12.5.6), but nothing is solving it. - camera was working fine for a year with same Rom version- I think something is wrong with the camera but dont know if it is...
  4. MAMAC

    TWRP for Android 12 (MI 10, and other models )

    Hello i will try to explane in few lines how to get working twrp on latest dev version on android 12. ONLY TESTED ON MI 10 UMI !!!! Before u upgrade (of u can reupgrade again if u did already) go to fastboot and install this TWRP - MI 10 or twrp from camerado folder that seems even better...
  5. L

    12.5 Enhanced Edition on Mi 10

    Just got the stable rom update 12.5.6. RJBCNXM Is this the enhanced edition? I noticed that the China ROM which is also RJBCNXM it says Enhanced Edition but in xiaomi.eu it doesnt say Enhanced.
  6. H

    Problem updating weekly -- 0mb Internal storage in TWRP

    Hi all, I've messed up my phone so many time before, so just wanted to get your advice before I pressed any buttons! @Poney70 was always a lifesaver (and I'm secretly hoping he/she might see this and come to the rescue! ) Trying to update from weekly 21.1.20 to the latest weekly ROM. I have a...
  7. F

    [Mi 10] Downgrade from 12.2.10 (EU Rom) to 11.0.25 (EU ROM) possible?

    I have a Mi 10 umi. Currently Xiaomi EU Rom MIUI 12.2.10 (stable) is installed, it is running on Android 11. But i really liked MIUI 11 and would like to go back to that. I think official software is hard there, because of ARP, but can i downgrade via TWRP if i wipe all my data? I would choose...
  8. A

    Mi 10 which rom you using? Beta or Stabil

    which version are you happy with? which version or more stabil? Please share your rom version with us
  9. J

    The screen locks itself (Mi 10)

    When I use the device, there are times when the screen turns off on its own for 3 seconds and forces me to place my fingerprint to unlock it. It is happening to me very often and the device is cold. I currently have version 12.2.9, I tried with previous versions and the problem continues
  10. T

    [Android 11] One Click TWRP 3.4.2B for Mi 10 & Mi 10 Pro & Mi 10 Ultra

    Mi 10 : 2020.12.06 TWRP Mi 10 Mi 10 Pro : 2020.12.06 TWRP Mi 10 Pro Mi 10 Ultra : 2020.12.08 TWRP Mi 10 Ultra Password : miuiturkiye Android 10 (Android10_One_Click.bat) : data decrypt, permanent, wait 1 minute until TWRP starts. Android 11 (Android11_One_Click.bat) : remove screen lock &...
  11. B

    The ~ultimate guide to unlock bootloader, use twrp, flash beta from stock rom, setup and hide magisk + edxposed for mi 10 umi, use LP, plus extra tips

    It's a bit hard for newcomers to do all these when they want to start using the xiaomi eu rom, so after some of us were talking about making a guide for all these for mi 10 (because it may require a kinda special process) I decided to actually make one. Tjis may save you some time. This works...
  12. aruriruz

    New Mi 10 pro second line error

    Hello, I have one problem, my phone is a Mi 10 pro cn version, I have installed the most recent eu stable version, but I'm having a problem with the dual sim, only the sim with the Data enabled is active, the other line is dead, anyone knows how to fix it? Btw, the same is happening with the mi...
  13. Claudio4

    [mi 10] Okey google doesn't work

    Hi! I know this is kinda a beaten horse, but I'm unable to enable the "Okey Google" function, well I can (not sure if does anything) but as soon as I leave the screen with the toggle it switches back to off . Device: Mi 10 (UMI) Xiaomi.eu: 12.2.2 P.D.: The options works perfectly fine in stock...
  14. M

    Help TWRP Mi 10

    Hi, I just flashed TWRP to install EU stable rom on the Mi, the rom installed successfully I now need to root my device, however I noticed when I boot into TWRP I can see the internal storage showing 0mb and non of the files are showing also it's recognized by my pc but again I can drag and drop...
  15. P

    Selling phone, revert MI 10 to stock without bricking?

    Hi All, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to flashing and I nearly bricked my phone when I first switched to the EU rom (which I love). When I flashed my Mi 10 it was an EEA carrier variant running MIUI 11/Android 10. I did not permanently flash TWRP and forgot to take a backup. I flashed to...
  16. L

    New [MIUI STABLE] MI 10 "Color inversion" bug (can't unlock)

    Hey, there is a huge bug if you use the "Color inversion" mode under "additional settings -> Accessibility -> Color inversion". Well what I did: I inverted the colors and locked the screen. After locking the screen if I try to turn it on it just shows me a white screen and I can't do anything...
  17. MAMAC

    [GUIDE] TWRP - ROOT - XPOSED Tutorial [Xiaomi Mi 10]

    Android 10/11 (tested on latest weekly rom MIUI 12.2 (20.10.16) Hello, i want to share with u a simplefied tutorial how to: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! TWRP Before installing custom recovery called TWRP u need to unlock bootloader. Be sure that u enable...
  18. J3isoos

    New Mi 10 - Unbalanced speaker frequency response

    Hello, I'm new here so I hope I'm doing things right. I installed the latest Xiaomi.eu beta on my Mi 10 (12.2 - 20.10.16), coming from a Vodafone Europe MIUI 11 (, if I'm not mistaken), and I instantly noticed something was up with the audio. I run Magisk v21 with no audio modifications...
  19. Aléxikuz

    Bugs after upgrading from 12.0.8 to 12.1.3

    I have some problems after upgrading to Android 11 on Mi 10: I do not receive notifications in Telegram app. Messenger bubbles closes when I'm typing in them. Gmail are not updated automatically (but the sync is activated), I have to update manually myself. Can someone help me?
  20. paulo_1307_


    TL;DR in the end Screen combo is a new feature, at the moment only available for Mi 9 and Mi 10. It's basically Xiaomi attempt to copy the My phone feature that Samsung has in partnership with Windows. More info here After half an hour researching the chinese forum (i don't speak chinese, so...