Invalid [MIUI POCO X3 PRO] App widgets shortcuts disappeared

Kiril Boqta

Dec 5, 2021

My previous OS of choice was MIUI 12.0 (stock), but I have since moved to a custom ROM from (Version MIUI 12.5.7), and as for the device- it's a Poco X3 Pro.

On my stock ROM, whenever I held down the Poweramp (a certain application) Icon, I got 4 options: "Play", "Library", "Search", "Shuffle All"; If a user would've further hold one of those four options, he would be able to make a shortcut of it. So you can shortcut "Play" on your homescreen. By clicking it, you could efficiently stop/play the songs.
On my current ROM, those very options have disappeared! Whenever I hold down Poweramp I see those four exact options, but it doesn't let me make them as a shortcut. Whenever I visit the "Widget" menu, I see the various big widgets, but the only option visible from the aforementioned four it is the "PlayLists" option.

I have attached a picture, relating to the above.

My question is how can I get the other 3 1x1 widgets, namely "Play", "Search", "Shuffle All" to appear?
Left is the untouched launcher, that came with MIUI 12.5.7. Right is the "POCO" Launcher from the appstore. The POCO launcher, enables the user to shortcut "Play" and the other 3 widgets. Can this be translated to the original launcher MIUI 12.5.7 comes with?
You're welcome to ask Xiaomi for these features on MIUI launcher as well. I don't see any bug here, just features that don't exist on MIUI launcher.
Do note, a context shortcut and a widget are different things.