New Miui 13.0.11 Stable for Poco F4 GT


Nov 8, 2022
Good day all,

First of all, I would like to thank the developers for this wonderful rom. I have been using miui EU in all my Xiaomi phones for years and has never had any big problems.

However, after installing the latest miui eu stable rom in my newly purchased f4 gt. I started experiencing random drop offs when I am in LTE/4G. The signal strength is good, but the mobile data drops offline and self recovers. The offline duration ranges from seconds to a minute. This only happens when I'm in LTE. The connection stays on like it should when I set my preferred network to 3G.

I have reformated the device and reinstalled the rom multiple times. I have tried switching the sim card slots as well but the problem stays on.

Is there any users of F4 GT (Ingres) experiencing the same issue as me?

Thank you for your time.
Hello friend, I want to tell you that I also had the same problem but with a previous rom that was 13.0.03 that gave me the same bugs that you are experiencing.
I would advise you to change the version. (I currently use 13.0.10 Stable)
And it doesn't have any flaws or anything... all perfect for gaming, but you have to touch some developer options so that the device has better performance and doesn't get so hot...
"small optimization bugs"