Miui 7 Help Please

May 2, 2016
Hello I'm new to xiaomi, I have a redmi 3 pro on miui 7 that I need some help with and questions to ask.

1. I cannot download from play store unless connected to WiFi, I want to be able to download apps while connected to mobile data. How do I fix this?

2. I connect my phone by Bluetooth to pioneer car stereo... I select jet audio as default music player , but every time I turn car on phone automatically opens stock music app instead of jet audio, I don't want to use stock music app. I would like for jet audio to auto play once connected?

3. No track title Metadata is sent to the car stereo. It just says no title. Although this feature worked fine on my asus zenfone. I would like to see track info on stereo screen when connected to music via bluetooth. Does anybody know how to fix this Metadata issue?

4. All different apps appear as 'searching for gps' in the notification pull down. I don't want to be told every time app for example snap chat is searching for GPS. Can I turn this notification off?

Thank you for your time I hope you can help me with above questions
May 13, 2016
MIUI 7 doesn’t bring so many mends to Xiaomi 5. However, there are still some new features added, for example, the beauty video call. Xiaomi 5 supports the VoLET technique, which accelerates 4G video call.