New MIUI Backup app


Jan 28, 2012
Sorry if this is covered elsewhere...just finished searching for a couple hours....frustrated.

I've been on a GB build since January, HTC Incredible...the last supported build that I know of. Decided to try a ported ICS build...again. have tried them before, but performance was an issue.

The MIUI backup app...which was always much better for restoring apps, completely freezes up as it's restoring apps. (NOT phone data, just the apps). I get about five to seven restored, then just as it's finishing an app.....nothing. Have to force stop the backup app. It has happened before, but now it's consistently a problem.

Also...I noticed several of the Backup categories for system data have "disappeared". When restoring, the desktop layout, current theme, DND, and others are missing from the restore list. I know themes are different in ICS builds, so figured that....but I REALLY need (okay, just want) the screen set ups...with all the folders and such I use...takes hours to reset.

While I've never had issues with Titanium backup in the past, on this build I can't seem to restore my apps...Keeps telling me that my settings are incorrect (install from other sources...which is set correctly), and wants to install each app separately, like the unpaid version....but I have the paid version and reinstalled it successfully after rebooting. (yes, both app and key)

Any thoughts?