MIUI Backup - failed restore


May 16, 2011
I made a backup on 1.4.22 before doing a full wipe and moving to 1.5.13 of the MIUI_Au release, but when I go to restore my apps several will fail. It's always a bit random as for which ones but Angry Birds, Sleepbot Tracker Log and Bluetooth File Transfer *always* fail. This is a bit odd because they're probably my three most used apps.

Is there any way I can restore these from my backup? Can I copy/extract the files manually or use a different app to restore them? I'd really like to get my Sleepbot log back. I've tried restoring only the affected apps individually and they still always fail.

Any ideas?
I can't find a search feature for the forum so apologies if this has been answered before.

I worked out a way to restore it:
You'll need a previous backup of the APK.
Connect with USB and navigate to your backups folder and to the folder with a previous working backup. Copy the APK of your app. In my case this was com.lslk.sleepbot.apk. Now navigate to your failing backup and paste it in, replacing the corresponding apk. In my case I replaced com.lslk.sleepbot-1.apk. Now attempt to restore in MIUI. When I did this it succeeded. Sleepbot immediately launched and FC'ed but it works on second launch.
Lesson: backup very very regularly. In the case of Sleepbot, there's an in-app backup feature. If your most used apps have this, use it as often as you can.

Hope this helps someone in the future. If anybody experiences this problem feel free to PM me if you're having trouble.