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Dec 23, 2010
Is there a way when adding contacts to chose which account they are added to like stock Android? When I add one in MIUI it adds it to both my gmail and corporate accounts and I obviously don't want that to happen. I asked this question a week ago on DF but no one could/would reply. Thanks in advance.

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go into accounts & settings, select your corporate account, and un-tick "sync Contacts".

not sure if there is that option but if you're using 2 gmail accounts on the same phone, then you can untick "sync contacts" on the second account, so I assume there is an option for that in corporate account settings.
Thanks. This seems to be a reasonable workaround for now. Hopefully the devs bring back this stock functionality in the future.

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did it work then?
I know that on HTC Sense contacts app you can decide whethewr you want to save the contact to google account, sim card, or anywhere else.
haven't seen that on any other roms.
so I guess noone uses it. everyone uses contacts on google, and probably have separate phones for their business. (I do that.. , bb as company phone, and desire as private mobile).
anyway, you may try and let MIUI devs know that that function would be quite usefull, who knows, maybe they'd implement it. (just like with custom galery app- they're inventing it now. and it's only after a week or something since we posted that idea on this forum.. so they do listen to people.
It works, but is inconvenient. I have Droid 1 and on stock and all other ROMs that I have tried (many), when you chose add contact, you get a pop-up to chose which account to add to. I just read a roughly translated changelog for today's release and saw something about adding contacts so hopefully that is it. Where is the best place to submit feature request? I don't speak Chinese so their site is out of the question.

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